How Effective Are Cannabis Sublingual Strips?

If you are looking for an instant and discreet way of consuming your beloved marijuana, nothing can be better than taking the sublingual route. You place the product beneath your tongue and feel the effects. And sublingual marijuana strips are the ideal choice for taking advantage of the sublingual absorption. But if you are wondering about its existence or the science about its newest cannabis craze. Let’s give you every input about this new cannabis product. 

Why Should You Opt For Sublingual Mode of Consumption?

One can find scientists in search of a mode of administration that can potentially lead to higher absorption of drugs. Precisely why marijuana companies are manufacturing products such as oils, tinctures, and now strips that use the sublingual route. Because whatever consumption mode one chooses, the ultimate desire is to extract the maximum benefits. Sublingual strips use the oral mucosa route to absorb the ingredients quickly via blood vessels. Most of the content is absorbed via diffusion. But is that the only reason for choosing this product?

What Are The Benefits of Using Cannabis Sublingual Strips?

It was already established that sublingual strips provide cannabinoids via diffusion directly to the circulatory system. So, the two primary benefits that it offers makes it a better option than the current consumption options available. 

A Better Alternative to Vaping and Edibles 

Whenever you ingest a medicine, it reaches the target location after circling through the entire gastrointestinal tract. Hence, it follows the longest journey through the stomach, intestines, and liver. On the other hand, medications via sublingual strips take the shortest route to reach its ultimate destination as it avoids the GI tract completely. 

Another reason that it is better than edibles is that the cannabinoids do not get converted into a THC molecule with higher potency. So, the new users can easily go for sublingual strips without any potential adverse psychoactive effects. Or any frightening experience that might put you away from experiencing the good effects that this product holds. 

Again, using sublingual strips offer similar effects as of vaping or smoking. But, you won’t have to worry about the respiratory issues or the stale smoke on different parts of your body. In short, if you are buying these strips with your medical marijuana card in California, you can expect consistent medicinal effects without any adverse effects. 

Relatively Higher Bioavailability 

Whenever you use any product as a medicine, the first thing that comes to your mind is, “How much will remain in my system?” A study published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology confirmed that the bioavailability of cannabinoids using sublingual absorption is between 12% to 35%. And this is somewhat similar to what you get after smoking or vaping cannabis. Therefore, you have the benefits of higher bioavailability rates without any issues related to smoke. That means no more exposure to carcinogens. 

How to Use Cannabis Sublingual Strips? 

Using a strip is as easy as it sounds. Just place the strip beneath your tongue and give it time to dissolve. Make sure to keep the mouth closed for at least five minutes for the best results. Mostly these strips are used for microdosing purposes for a feel-good memory throughout the day. However, make sure to check the product label for additional ingredients to avoid any unwanted reactions.

Key Points to Remember 

The idea of your medicine dissolving in your mouth is so much better than swallowing those pills or capsules. That’s the ease of using sublingual strips. You have the benefit of a faster onset of action as compared to any oral mode of consumption. Plus, you have improved bioavailability rates with an advantage of the “first pass” effect. Using sublingual strips will help you to avoid stripping away your essential cannabinoids while limiting the exposure to any unwanted smoke or vapors. In short, it will allow you to have your cannabis medicine discreetly.  

However, certain studies indicate that it might interfere with your eating or talking abilities initially. And the area of absorption is pretty less, so it might not be suitable for prolonged administration. Also, some people might not like the unpleasant taste or bitter sensations. 


The Vice President of popular sublingual cannabis strips said that the factor that makes strips popular among cannabis users is its instant onset of action. No smoke, or the need for titration. Just remove the strip and put it in your mouth. As simple as that. Also, like other modes of consumption, these strips offer a range of medicinal benefits. For instance, a review by the National Academies of Sciences found that THC strips were able to help reduce painful symptoms. 

Other than that, cannabis strips could be effective for depression or anxiety issues while helping you with sleep disorders as well. You can find both THC and CBD strips. For instance, Cannastrips provides 3mg THC, and CBD strips and Kinslips offer microdose THC strips. So, if you don’t wish to go for the usual smoke or vapors, the sublingual strip will indeed be the right product for you.